Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: Turnaround time varies greatly depending on the time of year. December through about June it will be 4-6 weeks from the time the order is placed to the time the order is packaged and ready for shipping. July through November we slow down significantly and turnaround time is generally only about 1-2 weeks. 


Q: Can you rush my order?

A: Rush orders can definitely be accommodated during our slow season (July through November) for a small fee of $50. If you have an order that needs to be rushed during our busy season (December through June) that fee will increase to $100 only if your request can be accommodated.


Q: How do I prep my plastics for the graphics?

A: Clean the graphics thoroughly with an alcohol/water solution.


Q: There's sticky residue on the plastics, how do I get it off?

A: Spray Goo Gone or equivalent on the affected area, let sit for 5 minutes and wipe away. Be sure you clean the plastics thoroughly with alcohol after using Goo Gone or equivalent.


Q: My plastics are brand new, do I still need to clean them with alcohol?

A: Yes!! A release agent is used in the molding process that needs to be cleaned off the plastics.


Q: Can I use window cleaner or soapy water to help in putting my graphics on?

A: We recommend not using anything like that to assist in the installation of your graphics. The adhesive on the graphics is pressure sensitive so you can lay the piece on the plastics lightly and peel it up several times if you need to reposition.


Q: What is the ordering process like for custom graphics:

A: First, I'll need an email address to send you an invoice. I do require a deposit in order to begin the design since we are talking about a custom product. Second, once the invoice is paid I'll get you on the schedule. Third, you will receive a proof of your design, it is at that point you can make changes to the design itself or colors or anything, really. It is also at that point that I will need a sponsor list as well as the name and number you want on the kit. Fourth, once the design proof is approved then the remaining balance, if there is a remaining balance on the invoice needs to be paid. Fifth, your kit will go in to my print queue to be printed, packaged and shipped. Sixth, your kit will be shipped via UPS, unless you request otherwise, and you will receive a tracking number via email.